Customer Service

■ Definition of Personal Information

We define personal information as specific information that can identify a living individual, such as name; or items of general information which in combination can specify and identify an individual. SJ INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD, hereinafter the Company, makes its Personal Information Policy public on the first page of its website to assist you in seeking service.


Should there be any changes to the Company's Personal Information Policy, the Company will make public announcements or give individual notices.



■ Items of Information Collected

Most contents provided by the Company are accessible without separate account registration. Should you wish to access member services provided by the Company, please enter the following information. There will be no deny of access for declining to enter optional information.


Items collected: ID, password, date of birth, sex, name, telephone number, mobile number, address for delivery(place and person of receipt and contact number), email address, cookies, electronic payment history

Method of collection: the Company's website (online, printed, fax)



■ Use of collected information

The Company uses the collected information of users for the following purposes:


Name, member ID, password, address, contact number: to be able to identify individuals in their access to membership service, in delivery of membership card and member newsletter


Email address: confirmation of account registration and/or reservation, delivery of notice and announcements, confirmation of consent, cases involving active communication including customer service


Other optional items: resources to provide personalized service, which excludes sensitive information that may lead to infringement of individual rights such as race, ethnicity, political ideology and beliefs, place of origin, criminal records, health records, sexual activity and more

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