About SJ International
general management
  • Global Logistics Group (02-2139-8121)
    Operation Team I
    Operation Team II
    Operation Team III
  • Integrated Sales Group (02-2139-8185)
    Sales Team I
    Sales Team II
  • Business Strategy Office (02-2139-8188)
    Finance Team
    Management Support Team
    Infrastructure Support Team
    물류센터 건축 TFT
  • Incheon International Airport Logistics Center (032-722-7000)
    Bonded Transport Operation
    Dangerous Goods
    Temperature Controlled Storage and Shipment
    Customs Clearance Incorporation (partner) Licensed Customs Agent, Customs Clearance Proxy Agent
  • Incheon International Airport Dangerous Goods Terminal (032-722-7090)
    Incheon International Airport Consignment Operation
    Dangerous Goods Class 1 to 6 Management
  • Cheonan DWC I (041-415-1830)
    Biggest Dangerous Goods Storage Warehouse in Cheonan
    Temperature Controlled Storage and Shipment
  • Cheonan DWC II
    Cheonan DWC II Construction
    TF (currently under construction)