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Logistics Consulting Service
We provide optimal solutions to
address each client's specific logistics issue.
SJ International logistics consultants have rich experience and vast amount of data in logistics.
They diagnose and enhance operational process, and optimize and reduce costs, improving the overall operational efficiency.
SJ consultants also make it possible for clients to focus on their businesses by taking care of everything related to logistics,
from specialized services, to freight management, transport, and planning— providing a one-stop solution to cover everything you need.
  • Infrastructure prime locations for logistics center
  • In-house experts optimized solutions to reduce costs
  • Storage operation efficient international freight management
  • Customized service optimized operation of logistics center
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Consulting Services
  • 013PL Consulting

    optimized solution that meets the client's needs

  • 024PL Consulting

    IT-based competitive modeling and optimization including WMS, TMS, OMS


    warehouse-based fulfillment with logistics e-solution that matches e-commerce

  • 04IT Solution

    consulting that involves IT-based automation solutions including FMS, E-Docu, WMS, TMS, OMS

  • 05SCM Solution

    consulting for domestic and overseas global / SCM solution

  • prime locations for logistics center Full Contanier Load
  • optimized solutions to reduce costs Strategy Consulting
  • efficient international freight management Management Consulting
  • optimized operation of logistics center Engineering Consulting
We provide warehouse-based fulfillment services with
logistics e-solution that befits fulfillment e-commerce.

SJ International connects its specialized warehouse, located within ICN Logistics Complex and dedicated to online e-commerce platform businesses,
to the global network and increases the operation efficiency of your business by providing various B2B and B2C services in the domestic and overseas arena via SJ fulfillment center.

ICN Logistics Center is in proximity to Incheon Port and Airport, making it possible to process domestic and international business operations.

The accessibility also enables SJ International to provide fast import and export clearance,
B2C Last-Mile transport and B2B transport services with the fulfillment center connected to the global network of businesses.

Everything from storage to order, packaging, and delivery, fast and accurate operations reflect SJ International's knowledge and skills accumulated over the years.

  • Contract

    Order Confirmation

    Quotation (Cost Calculation)

    Contract Signing

  • Inbound


    Quantity Inspection

    Quality Control

  • Storage



    Electronic Registry

  • Request for Delivery

    Register Order

    Printing Tracking Number

  • Packaging

    Inspection of Outgoing Goods



    Attaching Tracking Number

  • Outgoing/Delivery

    Partner Local Transport Company

    Commence Outgoing/Delivery

  • Inventory Management

    Company-owned electronic system

    Real-time Inventory Management and Supervision

    Real-time Monitoring of Inventory

  • Return

    Reclassification of Return Goods

    Assessment and Confirmation of Goods Status for Outgoing

Reference for Fulfillment
  • 01Cost effective logistics

    Reduction in warehouse cost from synergy effect

    Additional cost reduction in warehouse and delivery for long-term contracts

  • 02Full security for 24 hr.

    Reduction in warehouse cost from synergy effect

  • 03Visibility provided for incoming and outgoing goods

    24 hr. company WMS monitoring provided for clients

  • 04Diverse Network

    Knowledge accumulated from operating logistics center throughout the years

    B2C, B2B industry skills

  • 05Other advantages

    Systematic inventory management, fire insurance and other insuraces