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Complex Logistics Center
"More Good Service, More Satisfaction," is the core value that SJ International believes in.
With this value in mind, SJ International has provided various services to satisfy clients' needs, from its One-Stop Service to shipping cost reduction service,
and has improved over 20 years with its rich experience and industry know-hows.
The organization has also achieved the ISO-9001 certification, which is a testament to SJ International's systematic logistic ervices.
To provide the best service in the industry, SJ International has adopted Integrated Logistics Management Cloud Service
and now offers improved and more effective transport services
Incheon International Airport Distribution Center
  • Incheon International Airport Distribution Center Comprehensive distribution center that satisfies clients' needs with its 10 min.
    distance from the airport terminal. We provide our clients with customized service efficiently.
    Equipped with complex temperature control facility,
    the center processes and stores dangerous goods and other shipments time-efficiently.

    Bonded warehouse within Incheon International Airport Free Trade Zone

    Qualified to store valuable goods and transport special freights

    Logistics solutions offered for all classes of dangerous goods from category 1 to 6

    Convenience offered from being located within Incheon International Airport Free Trade Zone

    Center Introduction
  • Incheon International Airport Dangerous Goods Terminal A leading provider of dangerous goods solutions, covering all classes of dangerous goods from Categories 1 to 6
    In addition to meeting the legal requirements for dangerous goods safety management,
    the warehouse also offers customized refrigeration storage service for dangerous goods,
    overseen by designated employees specializing in DG

    Exclusively owned Incheon International Airport Dangerous Goods Terminal

    The first ever private business to operate a dangerous goods terminal in Incheon International Airport

    Qualified to process Domestic Dangerous Goods Categories 1 to 6 and Internatioal Dangerous Goods Class 1 to 9

    Offers storage facility that complies with legal safety requirements

    Offers quality storage for export and import of dangerous goods according to their respective categories and classifications

    재고 및 위험물 유지관리

    Center Introduction
  • Cheonan Distribution Center Massive comprehensive logistics center located at the heart of Korea's land transport Cheonan DC is located at the center of land transport,
    which enables it to respond and process fastly en masse.
    The center is also equipped with facilities that observe international standards in dangerous goods safety management

    Its location in the central region gives it the best accessibility to transport anywhere in the country.

    1 hr. distance to Seoul

    Comprehensive logistics center with room-temperature, refrigerated, and dangerous goods warehouses

    Implements international fire protection code NFPA 30

    Comprehensive logistics center: in BLDG. A located are refrigerated warehouse in the basement floor, room-temperature warehouse in second and fourth floor; Dangerous Goods warehouses are from BLDG. B to D; BLDG. E houses staff dormitory and cafeteria

    Each floor capable of berthing / each floor available for exclusive use

    Indoor loading dock in the fourth floor

    Center Introduction
  • Cheonan Distribution Center II (Aerial View) With its optimal location, Cheonan DC II strives to be a domestic distribution giant in inland B2B and B2C distribution.
    The center will be operated with SJ International's exclusive know-hows and its experience in
    operating Incheon International Airport Dangerous Goods Warehouse and Terminal.
    The center has adopted NFPA 30 fire safety code to respond to the stricter revised safety regulations and
    will soon be a comprehensive logistics center that specializes in dangerous goods storage and transport, catering to the clients' needs.

    10 min. distance from Gyeongbu Expressway I, Gyeongbu Expressway II, and Pyeongtaek-Jecheon Expressway

    Comprehensive services offered will range from low-temperature storage, room-temperature storage, dangerous goods storage, and hazardous materials storage

    Will adopt NFPA 30 requirements

    The above image may subject to change.

    Center Introduction
Operation Process
  • Warehousing / Stocking step 01
  • Inventory / Inspection step 02
  • Release / Loading step 03
  • Shipping Out / Delivery step 04
  • Confirmation of Receipt step 05
  • Excellent access to Seoul Metropolitan Area

    1 hr. distance to Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port via Gyeongbu Expressway, located just by North Cheonan IC Toll

    Presents possible growth potential should the tentative expansion of the metropolitan area and railway extension of Gyeongbu Line 2 happen

  • Proximity to industrial complexes

    Excellent access to Cheonan and adjacent industrial complexes that are within 30 min. distance

    Potential clients in the surrounding industrial complexes

  • Conveniece and latest technology ready to be offered

    State-of-the-art facilities that include dangerous goods specialized warehouse; frozen, refrigerated, room-temperature, dangerous goods, hazardous materials storage; 3PL; fulfillment services

    Added logistics services available

  • Warehouse business operation know-hows

    Establishment of logistics center and operation of 3PL based on knowledge from 20 years of logistics experience

    Staff welfare facilities within the DC(cafeteria, staff dormitory)

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